What is a Special Investments Region?

Special Investment Regions (SIR) are self governed global centres of economic activities. These designated regions in the State of Gujarat are operating under the Special Investment Region Act of 2009 which enables the State Government to establish, develop, operate and regulate the Special Investment Regions. Investment Regions have an area of more than 100 sq. kms. and industrial areas have an area of more than 50 sq. kms. Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) functions as the apex authority and Regional Development Authorities (RDA) are set-up for individual SIR

The advantage of Dholera SIR is the empowered mechanism of administration, autonomy in operations, fully developed environment & framework for Public Private Partnerships, Private Sector Participation modes such as Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) which is available for operations and full potential for private sector participation.

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is a Central Government infrastructure initiative aimed at developing new industrial cities as “Smart Cities” and converging next generation technologies

With an aim to create futuristic industrial cities through High Speed – High Connectivity enabled by the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC), the Flagship programme of the Government of India, is being established, promoted, and facilitated through an SPV – Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Ltd. (DMICDC)

Phase I of the programme will see development of eight manufacturing cities including the Ahmedabad – Dholera Investment Region is connected to DFC

Infrastructure Availability

Dholera is a greenfield industrial city planned and located ~100 kms southwest of Ahmedabad on the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

  • MRTS is planned which will connect DSIR with Ahmedabad

    Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) is 1.5 hours from DSIR

    Dholera Railway Station proposed in DSIR

  • Currently, two lane State Highway being expanded to 4 lanes

    A dedicated 6 lane access controlled expressway connecting Ahmedabad & Dholera is proposed and design work has been completed for the same

  • Proposed Dholera International Airport will located in close proximity to the Northern boundary of DSIR

    Environment Clearance from MoEF and site clearance from MoCA have been obtained for developing an International Airport at Dholera

    Bhavnagar Domestic Airport and Ahmedabad International Airport are 2 hours from DSIR

  • Pipavav is the closest port to DSIR, which is ~200 km

    Pipavav has a range of cargo handling capabilities such as Container, Bulk, Capital Goods, Liquid, Gas, etc.

    DSIR is also well connected to the major ports of Mundra and Kandla

Key Statistics

  • Total Area

    91970 Ha

    (920 sq. kms.)

  • Area Under TP Schemes 1 to 6

    42200 Ha

    (422 sq. kms.)

  • Immidiate Development Area

    (Activation Area)

    2254 Ha

    (153 sq. kms.)

  • Dholera Phase 1 TP 1 & 2

    15300 Ha

    (153 sq. kms.)

  • Resident population

    2.0 Million

  • Total Jobs


Dholera Over Views And Highlights


  • Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) spanning approximately 920 sq. km-encompasses 22 villages of Dholera Taluka
  • DSIR, under Town Planning Schemes 1 to 6, covers an area of 422 sq km. Phase I covers 153 sq. km of TP 1 and TP 2
  • Construction in an area of 2254 ha. has been initiated for industrial and residential zones
  • DSIR is strategically located between industrial cities of Baroda, Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. DSIR is also connected to Delhi and Mumbai via NH 8 & DMIC
  • DSIR provides access to both the domestic and international markets and land parcels can be combined to get a contiguous area

    Salient Features

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  • Underground Network
  • Double Circuit Transmission line
  • Effective planning of Renewable Energy
  • Real Time Information
  • ICT enabled
  • Smart LED Lighting

Zonning & Town Planning